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On Talkroom, people pay before messaging you. This filters out all time-wasters, beggars and spammers so real connections can be made quickly.


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It takes just a minute to create a profile, set a price and start getting paid for your time. Learn more about how the app works and the national / crypto currencies we support.

Asa Asika

Hey Asa. Was wondering if you could give your opinion on a new festival we're bringing to Lagos. We've just gotten the funding and I don't want to get the logistics wrong.


Hello Femi, how are you doing? I can definitely help.


Festivals are a lot of work so you need to get started on all aspects right now. You usually have less time than you think.


The first thing to do immediately is...

Earn money while you chat.

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Kofi Ansah has paid ($50) to chat with you.



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Ease of Use

Anyone can set-up a profile within minutes to get paid for talking

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You can get paid on Talkroom no matter where in the world you are, as we support a multiple of national and crypto currencies. Learn more.

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Charge as much as you want. Accept as many chat requests as you are able to answer. Get paid immediately the chat session is over.

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